Welcome to Industrial Soundproofing, specialists in soundproofing in a comprehensive range of industrial working environments.
We supply and install sound resistant, sound absorbent and internationally patented fire resistant panel enclosures to isolate industrial workplace areas where noise levels exceed 85dBA, the upward noise level stipulated by die Occupational Health and Safety Act as potentially damaging to human hearing.
Industrial Soundproofing has a sole agreement for the provision of HIPERTEC® WALL SOUND panels imported from Europe, which count among the most modern noise elimination enclosure systems currently available in t he world.
In combination with existing hearing protection and Hipertec Panels:

  • Eliminate excessive noise to create a pleasant working environment    
  • Reduce the danger of hearing loss of employees, and
  • Assist all industries to comply with noise control legislation.

Industrial Soundproofing has extensive experience in soundproofing in a wide variety of industries. We have been supplying the Occupational Health Industry for 19 years with soundproofing solutions that include panels, audiometers and booths.
Our Clients include large local and international corporates such as De Beers, Arcelor Mittal, Volkswagen (Uitenhage), Petra Diamond Mines and Bison Board, to mention but a few.
Prolonged exposure to noise levels at or above the 85 dBA noise rating limit may cause permanent noise induced hearing loss. Noise may also interfere with speech communication, cause annoyance, and reduce the productivity of employees, which may result in fatigue and numerous other physiological and behavioral effects.

Exposure to noise in the workplace is governed by the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations (NIHL), OHSAct (85 of 1993). The law requires employers to ensure noise pollution free working conditions.